Contemporary Worship Leader

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Position Overview

The Contemporary Worship Leader serves as the principal guide to enhance the quality of the contemporary service-one of the key environments of the ministry area “We Gather in Worship” and will play a central role in the development of a new worship venue. The ministry of the of the CWL has three targets: to glorify the name of Jesus, to equip the family of believers at Our Father, and to speak to outsiders who may be new to church. This is a flexible, part-time position (12-15 hours/week).  Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.


1.   Serve as the primary worship leader (lead the band) for the contemporary service.
2.   Create and develop orders of worship.
3.   Develop, implement, and coordinate opportunities for the use of appropriate media and performing arts in worship.

Music for Contemporary Worship
1.   Select music appropriate for use in worship, prepare for spoken and/or pray transitions as necessary.
2.   Recruit, train, hire (when necessary), and disciple musicians for the contemporary service.

1.   Ensure teams are scheduled, service plans are finalized, and details are communicated in a timely manner for team success.
2.   Partner with the Director of Worship to plan worship, prepare annual budget, secure equipment, and recruit personnel.
3.   Supervise and/or maintain a database and music library for the contemporary service.

The Contemporary Worship Leader is to work closely with the staff, striving for a partnership that is God-pleasing and beneficial to the congregation.  The CWL is accountable to the Director of Worship for their day to day work and in all areas pertaining to this position.


Education, training, experience:
1.   Demonstrated proficiency with voice and instrument.
2.   At least 3 years of experience (preferred) in leading a congregation and contemporary worship band in worship.
3.   Openness and willingness to commit to Lutheran doctrine and theology.
4.   Familiarity with music software as needed – i.e. Planning Center, notation, etc.
5.   Desire and willingness to grow personally and professionally in musicianship and in understanding of Lutheran worship in a contemporary setting.
6.   Excellent interpersonal skills.
7.   Excellent oral and written communication skills.
8.   Excellent leadership and facilitation skills.

Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.