Alternative Gift Market

Alternative Gift Market OFLC will be hosting its annual Alternative Gift Market on Saturday, November 21, after worship service, and Sunday, November 22, between services. What is the Alternative Gift Market? Our Fellowship Hall will be set up with various display booths that have been created by OFLC youth, individuals, and families. These displays will highlight national and international humanitarian projects such as: purchasing a goat for a family in Haiti, digging a fresh water well for an African village, purchasing immunizations and medical care for mothers and babies, and many, many more projects, both national and international.

As you browse through these displays, those who created each display will be on hand to present their aid project to you and answer questions you may have. You can select one or more projects to contribute toward financially, and you will receive a special card that you can give to a family member or friend at Christmas time, which states that you purchased a gift of humanitarian aid in their honor. This is a wonderful opportunity to Live God’s Mission by giving gifts of aid and compassion to vulnerable people across the globe. If you are interested in creating a display, we have an extensive selection of humanitarian projects from which to choose, along with tips and ideas for creating your display. Or, if you would like to volunteer to set up, clean up, or act as checkout/cashiers, email Heidi Herrmann at