Huddle Definition:

A huddle is a discipleship-training vehicle that is designed to help you grow in confidence and competence in your walk with Jesus. A key expectation of a huddle is that every huddle participant is expected to then reproduce what they learn and experience within the huddle, into the lives of others. This could mean leading a huddle of your own, or discipling a spouse, or child, or some other form of Christian leadership/mentorship.

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Characteristics of a Huddle include:

  • Being empowered to discern God’s Word, grow in relationship through accountability, share your faith, develop a deeper and richer prayer life, equip other Christians in their walk of faith, discover Sabbath rest, trust in your identity as a child of God.
  • A group of 4-8 Christians, led by a discipled or huddled leader, using a curriculum that includes video teaching from the OFLC pastoral staff.
  • Meets weekly on the same day and time, for nine months.
  • Huddles are meant to reproduce leadership. The expectation is that you will reproduce what you experience in a huddle into the life/lives of others.
  • Growing in faith, confidence, and competence. After the huddle is over you will have a heightened awareness of how God is working in your life, and in the lives of others. While this is not a Bible study, you will also grow in your knowledge of Scripture. You will gain confidence in engaging those in your life, your family/friends/co-workers/neighbors with the gospel (evangelism).
  • Grounded in what we call Invitation and Challenge: Think of the best coach, boss, or mentor you’ve ever had. Chances are they made an impact on your life because they invited you into their lives, but also challenged you to grow and not stay stagnant.

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