Missional Communities

Missional Community Definition:

A Missional Community (MC) is a group of 15-40 people forming an extended family on mission together. What do we mean by family? The Greek word for household in the New Testament is oikos, or extended family. But unlike today, an oikos (household) in the early church included grandpas and grandmas, aunts and uncles, and even business associates and neighbors. An intergenerational and non-nuclear extended family!  MC’s are designed to recapture some of that same sense of family, that can oftentimes be lost in our increasingly disconnected society.

Some characteristics of MC’s include:

  • Intergenerational:  MC’s are made up of families, single’s, grandparents, widows, teenagers, young adults, and kids.
  • Organized and organic:  Organized in such a way to help busy individuals and families develop a rhythm in their schedule, but organic enough to move with the Holy Spirit as He leads and guides the MC.
  • Focused on a common missional purpose within your community. (i.e. helping the homeless, reaching out to neighbors, a local school or nursing home).
  • Most MC Gatherings will include a shared meal together with fellowship, a time of prayer or discussion focused on God’s Word, or other community needs that the group brings.
  • A MC is a group of people “big enough to dare, but small enough to care” so even if only half the people in the MC are in attendance on a given night, there are still enough people to meet and share life together.
  • Reproducible:  As God leads, your MC will grow and some within your MC will be equipped and called to leave and launch new communities or disciple other Christians through a Huddle.

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