Short Term Missional Communities

Short Term Missional Communities Definition:

Our ministry focus for the 2019/2020 fiscal year, is to Love One Another. The heart of this focus is to help all of our members grow in Christian fellowship.  One of the ways in which we will help to nurture these types of relationships is through a six-month campaign called Short Term Missional Communities (STMC’s). If you are not familiar with Missional Communities, you can learn more here.  Once you understand the basics of what a Missional Community is, register below.

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  • A Short Term MC (STMC) is a Six-month commitment, beginning in October 2019 and ending in March 2020.
  • Every STMC will be geographically centered within 10 different zones. Our hope is that most people will have to drive no more than 10 minutes to attend a STMC. In addition, as you meet new families and individuals who live close to you, we pray that will serve as an encouragement and will open up more avenues to Live God’s Mission with your fellow OFLC family members.
  • STMC’s meet twice a month, on the same day and time of the month (For example, the first and third Sunday of the month).
  • The main focus of STMC’s will be on building relationships with fellow OFLC members through a shared meal, fellowship, and small group discussions of what we call the 5 Questions.
  • In addition, each STMC will engage in two separate missional activities throughout the six months together.
  • After the six months are over, participants and leaders will have an opportunity to continue meeting as a full-fledged MC, or thank God for their time together, and move on to other opportunities. There will be no pressure from OFLC to do either one. We trust that whatever happens, the Spirit is leading and growing and building!

Short Term Missional Community Frequently Asked Questions

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