Stories. Everyone’s got one. Here you can discover your story, share it, and get inspired by the stories of the extraordinary ways God is at work in our ordinary lives.

Join the people of Our Father as we celebrate 1000 Stories of Extraordinary Life. In us and through us, Jesus is on the move to shape our community, our families, and our hearts. Your story matters here.

“Over the course of the last two years, through my huddle (discipleship training) and a more intentional focus on the rhythm of my life, I have come to live in the balance of embracing the ordinary and praying for the extraordinary. To me, this means embracing the fact that God has placed me in my neighborhood, in my job, coaching a specific group of kids, and surrounded by specific friends. It is in these “ordinary” spaces that He is on the move. I have learned to embrace these ordinary encounters and focus on small, daily breakthroughs He is making, and accepting His invitation into a life marked by the presence and power of God. This has caused me to take a much more intentional approach to the conversations and interactions I have in all facets of my daily life.” – Jason

Daily time with Jesus
An ordinary trip to the grocery store

“After waiting weeks since receiving a Christmas gift and taking the test, my results arrived. It pointed to European ancestry and yet I wondered how far back the results ever go. Then it dawned on me . . . I might be 35% this and 25% that, but ultimately, I am 100% a child of God.” – Kevin

Identity in Christ
Equipped to help others grow

The past 3-4 years God has richly blessed me with His overwhelming presence….through the reading and prayer rhythms I have prioritized in my life, I have been given a much more personal relationship with Jesus! He is always present and leading me….through the days.

On my recent flight I was getting ready to read when the lady next to me with her sweet little baby seemed a bit exhausted. After talking with her and hearing her beautiful story, she calmed a bit and I offered to take her baby to give her some time to regroup! She was so thankful…and I loved sharing time with her little one….her trip was long – from Oregon to Denver to Little Rock…a long haul for her to do alone….I pray she saw Jesus in me – compassionate and loving.” – Cheryl

The impact of Our Father on a family
Sharing Christ through text messages

“God can come back at Easter and change our crying things into good things. He can take all of our sad stuff. He is powerful and strong!” – Everett (Student at OFLC Preschool)

Joy in the midst of loss
HOWARD (In Memoriam)
There’s more yet to come

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